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Expanding the Disney Strategy for Parentrepreneurs

Walt Disney, the visionary behind one of the world's most beloved entertainment empires, wasn't just a dreamer; he was a master strategist. His unique approach has been instrumental in bringing to life some of the most iconic characters and stories of our time, illustrating how Disney's blend of imagination and strategic execution set the foundation for a legacy of innovation and storytelling.

This very approach, which enabled Disney to transform imaginative visions into tangible realities, later inspired the development of the Disney Creative Strategy.

Although this strategy is widely attributed to Walt Disney's methods, it was actually formulated by Robert Dilts, a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) expert. Dilts meticulously analysed Disney's process for realising his creative visions, thereby codifying the Disney Creative Strategy.

Today, this strategy extends far beyond the realms of animation, serving as a versatile blueprint for success. We explored this in our recent workshop "Empower your Parentrepreneur Mindset", and enriched by the feedback from the session, it is far more than a set of steps; it's a mindset that champions creativity, strategic thinking, and the fortitude to persevere through adversity.

In essence, the strategy encourages individuals to harness their creative potential, apply strategic planning in their ventures, and cultivate resilience against challenges. By doing so, it not only offers a method for realising entrepreneurial goals but also fosters a holistic approach to personal and professional growth.

At the heart of this strategy lies a cyclical process comprising three critical phases: Dreamer, Realist, and Critic. Each phase serves a distinct purpose, enabling individuals to harness their creativity, strategically plan, and critically evaluate their ideas, thereby paving the way for successful business ventures that are not only viable but also aligned with their personal values and life goals. Let's explore these phases in detail, understanding how they contribute to the overall journey of entrepreneurial success and personal fulfilment.


The Dreamer phase is where it all begins—the spark of inspiration, the birth of a vision. Walt Disney once said;

"All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them."

This phase calls for embracing creativity without inhibition, allowing yourself to explore possibilities beyond the constraints of reality.

As parentrepreneurs, ask yourself: What is the ultimate vision for my business? What impact do I aspire to make in the world? Embrace creativity without inhibition, allowing yourself to explore possibilities beyond the constraints of reality.


With dreams in hand, it's time to ground them in reality. The Realist phase calls for a pragmatic approach, where you assess the feasibility of your ideas, consider resource constraints, and develop a viable plan of action. This phase is about bridging the gap between vision and execution, turning dreams into actionable strategies.

As parentrepreneurs, ask yourself: What are the practical steps needed to turn my dreams into reality? What resources do I currently have, and what additional support may I need?


While optimism propels us forward and realism keeps us anchored, the Critic phase serves as a reality check. Here, you scrutinise your plans, anticipate challenges, and refine your strategies to mitigate risks. This phase is about embracing feedback and continuously iterating to improve and adapt.

As parentrepreneurs, ask yourself: What are the potential obstacles standing in the way of my success? How can I adapt and iterate to overcome these challenges?

So, dare to dream, stay grounded in reality, and embrace constructive criticism—your entrepreneurial adventure awaits!

Want to know more about how the Disney Creative Strategy and various other coaching techniques can revolutionise your entrepreneurial journey? Join us for a captivating online webinar designed to unveil the strategies that can transform your aspirations into tangible successes. This session is an invaluable opportunity, whether you're on the brink of launching your dream business or in search of dynamic growth strategies. Tailored for the bustling lives of parent entrepreneurs, our webinar offers more than just insights - it promises a journey of transformation. Here's what some of our recent delegates said:

"The whole exercise on Dreamer/Realist/Critic circled back on itself and gave the time to get to the bottom of the challenges I'm facing"

"Really helped to provide clarity on my thinking, very personal and well directed throughout the whole session"

"It was really good to have the time and space to look at my business, step into three different areas and come out with an action plan"

Seize this chance to invigorate your entrepreneurial spirit and turn your visionary ideas into reality. Reserve your spot today and begin an extraordinary adventure where your dreams and the real world meet!

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