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What We Stand For

Our mission is to help parents reclaim their freedom and

re-discover their purpose by empowering them to achieve a harmonious work-life balance and navigate the journey of entrepreneurship with confidence.

Our motivation stems from our own experiences of grappling with the many challenges encountered when wanting to establish a business, all while balancing household responsibilities and parenting duties. We also passionately believe in liberating others from outdated societal norms, dispelling negative talk and self-doubt, and encouraging like-minded individuals to pursue their dreams!

Michelle sitting

Michelle Johnson

I’m Michelle, I am a mum of two. A very sassy and formidable four year old, and a chilled ‘side-lined’ eight month old.


For 15 years I worked in corporate HR, reaching my career goals, but in 2019 after returning from maternity leave, my perfect role was taken away from me when the business entered administration.

At the time it felt like the end of the world but I decided it may be the opportunity I needed to take the leap into consultancy. For 5 years prior I had the desire to be a coach but had become both financially and emotionally comfortable in my corporate role. 

I used the administration process to sit back and establish my business. I lacked knowledge about where to start but soon rallied up some useful contacts and within a month was ready to go.


In January 2019 I got married and launched Career Chimp. I was starting a new chapter, one that I could control! 

I've worked in HR for 13 years across various private and public sector organisations and prior to this, held senior roles within Local Government. 

After returning from maternity leave in 2017, I struggled with the inflexibility of corporate working requirements and not being able to achieve the work-life balance I wanted. This led me to set up a property business in 2019 and two years later I took the leap into HR Consultancy alongside an employed role as a Lecturer in HR (CIPD). 

Becoming a parent to my son gave me a new perspective and it has also brought a continuing set of challenges, many which often reflect broader societal and workplace issues. Because of this, coaching and helping other parents to achieve their goals has become my passion and I am also an advice line volunteer for Pregnant then Screwed.  

My background includes a family history of small business ownership, and a lifelong interest in psychology and coaching, sparked by my dad's experience with a Tony Robbins course when I was nine. I love being able to help others make transformational changes to both their personal and working lives. 

Laura Capindale

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Our Values


We bring our HR and coaching skills and resources to offer solutions that are tried and tested and can support you with your challenges

Action Focused

We know procrastination is a top prohibitor in driving your business forward, as coaches and a community we strive to hold you to account


Coaching requires a personal and individual approach, we are driven by forging trusted and long lasting relationships

Exceptional Communication

With our structured programmes, we'll be in regular contact to ensure that you remain motivated and stay on track with your goals. 

No-nonsense Approach

We get it, we've been there, we are there! And we know that curveballs arise when kids are involved. We'll suggest solutions that are realistic alongside your family life.


The most important aspect - entrust us to be your coach, cheerleader and colleague all in one. You can rest assured that we have your best intentions at heart.

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