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WorkLife Coaching

As an organisation, your employees are your most valuable asset. But what happens when they're also parents? 

Balancing work and family can be a major source of stress and distraction for employees, leading to decreased productivity and engagement. 

That's where our parental coaching service comes in. By providing forward-thinking support and guidance to working parents that goes beyond policies and procedures, we can help boost employee productivity and reduce stress, ultimately benefiting your organisation as a whole.

Understanding the corporate landscape, we're well versed in balancing flexibility with the need for productivity.​ We remain engaged with both parents and employers throughout the journey, promoting ongoing communication, active participation, and facilitating continuous career development.

WorkLife coaching offers significant benefits to both employees and employers;

Wellbeing & Support

Investment in coaching demonstrates a commitment to supporting employees during periods of critical transition.


Retention & Engagement

When employees feel supported and valued during critical transitions, they are more likely to remain engaged, reducing turnover costs for employers.

Transition & Planning

Coaches assist in developing a comprehensive plan, including communication strategies, workload management, and transition timelines, ensuring smoother handover of responsibilities and reduced disruption in the workplace.

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Mitigation of Employment Risks

Our HR Coaches provide guidance on navigating legal requirements, reducing the risk of potential disputes or legal issues related to maternity leave.

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Flexibility & Work-Life Balance

Coaching encourages discussions around flexible work arrangements and work-life balance.


Coaches work with employees and employers to explore options such as flexible schedules, remote work, or reduced hours to create an environment that supports employee well-being.

Productivity & Engagement

When employees feel supported and have strategies in place to manage their professional and personal responsibilities, they are more likely to maintain high productivity and engagement.


Our coaching helps individuals identify priorities, manage their time effectively, and reduce stress, contributing to better performance and outcomes.

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Positive Company Culture

Offering lifecycle coaching as part of a comprehensive support system demonstrates a commitment to diversity, inclusion, and family-friendly policies. It fosters a positive company culture that values work-life balance, gender equality, and the well-being of employees, attracting and retaining top talent.

Confidence & Skill Development

Coaching sessions focus on empowering employees to manage the challenges they are facing while maintaining their professional growth. It helps build confidence, assertiveness, and effective time management skills, enabling employees to navigate the demands of work and family life more effectively.

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How it works:

1:1 Coaching

Our parental coaching service provides one-on-one support to your employees, helping them navigate the challenges of balancing work and family. Our experienced coaches offer practical advice and guidance on a range of topics, including:

  • Time management

  • Work-life balance

  • Stress management

  • Unpacking the weight of self-expectations

  • Addressing personal concerns or barriers

  • Pinpointing immediate needs; setting goals and formulating action plans

Our coaches work with your employee to develop a personalised plan for achieving their goals and managing their responsibilities. By providing this support, we can help your employees feel more confident and in control, leading to increased productivity and engagement at work.

Parent Transition Return to Work Programmes

We offer parental leave coaching as an essential element in retaining talent and promoting diversity and inclusion within organisations.

It's not just about providing support to mothers either; coaching is your secret weapon, a powerful tool designed to seamlessly help your employees navigate the exhilarating yet challenging journey of parenthood and transforming potential challenges into opportunities for growth. It also empowers managers, equipping them with the insight and understanding they need to be effective leaders during this transitional period.

Our parent transition coaching focuses on three key stages of the transition:

The Expectancy Journey

The Leave Adventure

The Return Voyage

What We Offer

Maternity Coaching

The decision of professional women to take a significant break from their careers to become mothers can have a profound impact. However, when the challenges faced by women during this period are overlooked and left unattended, it can result in organisational consequences. Many talented individuals end up leaving organisations, contributing to the scarcity of senior female talent, and widening the gender pay gap. 


Our Maternity coaching offers a supportive and accepting environment for women to openly express their emotions, gain fresh insights into their circumstances, challenge self-imposed limitations, and, most importantly, develop the skills to flourish in their transformed reality as they reintegrate into their careers.

Paternity Coaching

Becoming a parent while maintaining a professional career brings forth well-known challenges that are experienced differently by each individual. These challenges can range from adjusting to a new identity to coping with sleep deprivation and time management.


Our Paternity coaching provides individuals with a safe and non-judgmental space where they can openly share their thoughts and emotions, gain new perspectives, challenge self-limiting beliefs, and learn how to thrive in their new role as they navigate their career and fatherhood.

Adoption Coaching

The decision of professional individuals to take a significant break from their careers to become adoptive parents and go through the adoption process can have a profound impact. However, when the challenges faced by individuals during this
period are overlooked and unaddressed, it can have negative repercussions for

Our Adoptive Leave coaching provides a nurturing and inclusive space for adoptive
parents to openly share their emotions, gain new perspectives on their unique
circumstances, challenge self-imposed limitations, and, above all, cultivate the skills
to thrive as they navigate the transition back to their careers.

Our coaching process begins by anchoring our focus on the client's goals and engaging in meaningful reflections on how they are feeling right now. Together, we embark on a transformative journey, regardless of whether the desired change is significant or subtle.

To ensure that our coaching relationship is the right fit, we initiate with a discovery call. This call allows the client to gauge whether they feel comfortable and confident in our ability to assist them, while also giving us the opportunity to ensure that we are well-equipped to support their unique needs and objectives.

Following the discovery call, we recommend a series of coaching sessions, with a minimum of three sessions to start. This initial commitment provides a solid foundation for our collaborative work, allowing us to delve deeper into the client's goals, challenges, and strengths to facilitate a transformative coaching experience. Our aim is to guide our clients towards achieving the positive changes they seek in their personal and professional lives.

For Managers

Managing Parental Leave: Skills for Success Workshop

This session is designed to provide guidance for line managers on effectively supporting individuals who are preparing for parental leave, maintaining their engagement during leave, and facilitating a successful return to work. It aims to address the common question leaders often have, which is, "What can I actually say and do to support my team members during these phases?"

The content of this session is adaptable and can be tailored to focus exclusively on one of the 3 stages if required.

Key topics covered in this session typically include:

  1. Strengths-Based Conversations: Exploring how line managers can have conversations that emphasise the strengths and abilities of the employee. This approach can help individuals feel valued and motivated, even during the transition to and from parental leave.

  2. Managing Boundaries: Discussing strategies for effectively managing boundaries between work and personal life. This is crucial for both the employee preparing for parental leave and the manager, as clear boundaries can contribute to a healthier work-life balance.

  3. Addressing Limiting Beliefs: Creating a safe space for employees to confront and overcome any limiting beliefs or doubts they may have about their abilities as parents and professionals. Managers can play a pivotal role in helping individuals boost their confidence.

  4. Cultural Change: Shifting the focus from policies to fostering lasting cultural change within the organisation. This involves promoting a workplace culture that supports working parents and acknowledges the unique challenges they face.

By providing guidance in these areas, line managers can become valuable allies for their team members as they navigate the parental leave journey. This session aims to equip leaders with practical tools and insights to make a positive impact on their employees' experiences during this critical phase of their careers.

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